Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson is well known for her portrayal of Agent Dana Scully in sci-fi TV series X-Files, DSU Stella Gibson (The Fall, Netflix) and more recently, Dr. Jean Milburn (Sex Education, Netflix). However, over the years, her role has expanded to activist, author and advocate.

Less than a year ago, Gillian Anderson released a co-authored book with journalist Jennifer Nadal titled, “WE, A Manifesto for Women Everywhere.” Strand Bookstore in partnership with New York Society for Ethical Culture invited Anderson & Nadal to discuss their writing process and thoughts on the importance of this work; especially, during this political time.

Gillian Anderson is starring in All About Eve at Noel Coward Theatre in West End, London. Stay tuned, more to follow!

“I guess that if we are lucky, before we die, we might learn to be kinder and gentler to each other.” – Gillian Anderson

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Gillian Anderson | New York Society for Ethical Culture | New York, NY

A Streetcar Named Desire | St. Ann’s Warehouse | Brooklyn, NY

In April 2016, St. Ann’s Warehouse brought A Streetcar Named Desire to Brooklyn soil with direction from Benedict Andrews and opening in London at The Young Vic. It was an amazing production with a stark soundscape supporting the darkness in this Tennessee Williams play of class, family and loss.

St. Ann’s Warehouse | Brooklyn, New York

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