“No urban night is like a night in New York, squares after squares of flame. Here is our poetry,
for we have pulled down the stars to our will.”

ezra pound


New York is my home and my truest, greatest love. The city never hides anything from you. It screams when it’s upset and cries when it’s broken. It comes together when it needs love; especially, when you need it. Even though there are millions upon millions in the city, there is always a place for you. The entire spectrum of the human existence finds itself on the streets of New York and I am so proud to be one of them. It welcomes you in the morning, evening and any time in between. Novelist James Baldwin once said, “Anyone who loves New York is ill-equipped to deal with any other city: all other cities seem, at best, a mistake, and, at worst, a fraud.”

I always see something new and exciting here. People walking as quickly as they can to where they need to go, to the five cabs in a four or at best, three lane street, New York is home. My photographs of New York are a dedication to my city. May she always be great.





When the air becomes crisp and cool in New York, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be on a weekend afternoon than in Central Park. My work in New York revolves around the school year – when September arrived, it felt new beginnings and new year had begun.

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At the end of 2016, when Hillary Clinton did not become president, New Yorkers gathered together and began writing each other notes of hope, love and faith with post-its. They left them on the wall at the 14th Street/Union Square subway station. The walls were covered with bright squares of paper with messages and drawings. I remember staring at the wall just at a loss for words and, I saw this note.




One of my go to places when I am in Chelsea is The Chelsea Market. The foyer with the thousands of twinkle lights (pictured left) in the market are up all year but it makes it even more twinkly during the winter season. I love seeing them; especially, at that time.

And who doesn’t appreciate the big balls near 30 Rock and across from Radio City Hall?

My friend came to visit and we decided it’s been awhile since we sailed to Staten Island, so we hopped on the 1 and headed to the ferry. We waved hello to Ms. Liberty, then turned right around back to the city. It was very, very cold that day but that skyline can’t be beat!

This is the before picture of the space formerly known as Luna Park at the northern end of Union Square that is now an outdoor restaurant called The Pavilion. The Pavilion is a seasonal restaurant open primarily in the spring and summer.




Even though the Union Square Farmer’s Market is open all year round, I especially love the market during the Spring! About three years ago, the space formerly known as Luna Park was renovated into an outdoor, dining space, The Pavilion. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, the hustle and bustle of Union Square Farmer’s Market surrounds you while you brunch with friends on the terrace.



I adore Bryant Park during any season. I love the winter bazaars and ice rink, the spring tulips, the summer film nights and the merry go round during a crisp autumn day. Also, the New York Public Library with the newly renovated Rose Room is now open!



Who doesn’t love summer? Well, some New Yorkers may not…steam off the buildings, air conditioning blowing at each door, trash roasting on the street. Lest not forget waiting on the subway platform feeling as if we’ve all gone to hell then entering an ice box when stepping on the train. Nonetheless, free outdoor concerts all over the city, hanging out on the highline during sunset, participating in evening dance classes in Central Park and having soft serve Mr. Softee ice cream can cure those summer dramas…also, air conditioning and living in denial of that electricity bill, y’all!



During my first year living in New York, I couldn’t keep my head above water with all the sights and cultural “things to know since you live here” etiquette. First time entering Grand Central Terminal was during the holiday season for the independent shops and bazaars (Bryant Park was too cold at the time to be outside), and as I stepped into the main terminal, they presented a snowflake light show with Ella Fitzgerald singing “Sleigh Ride.” I know, Sleigh Ride, an over-played tune with an accompanying snowflake light show? Come on New York! I gotta say, it was magical. First, Ella’s voice filling the space above and around us and to witness the New York minute come to a halt or at least slow down. Folks, travelers, tourist, even the jaded and cynical stopped to listen, raise their eyes to the sky and break a holiday smile. One of my favorite moments. I knew I was home.

Therefore, I tend to take photographs of Grand Central Terminal often and always.



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