After leaving Brussels, I headed north to Amsterdam. What can one see and explore in Amsterdam for 48 hours? I’d be happy to tell you. Tapas, stroopwafels, cafes, canals (165 of them), old churches, old women (well, not necessarily the women itself) among many, many other things. Also, bicycles.


Amsterdam is also known as the “Venice of the North” with 165 canals that surround and run through the city. There are plenty of opportunities to take a canal boat cruise that takes you through the many beautiful parts of Amsterdam.


Amsterdam can be a bit chilly in December and what better way to keep warm
than to sit in a very comfortable and cosy cafe while drinking a cafe creme.

Red Light District

The Red Light District is next to Oude Kerk, the oldest church and structure in Amsterdam. It was built in 1213 and the floor consists entirely of gravestones. Over 10,000 citizens are buried at Oude Kerk. Rembrandt was married here and all his children was baptized there. Today, Oude Kerk is now used as a museum and event space.

Winter views of the canal and bicycles.


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  1. […] is an area in Amsterdam that surrounds De Wallen called the Red Light District and also has the oldest structure and church […]


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