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AMSTERDAM | NETHERLANDS After leaving Brussels, I headed north to Amsterdam. What can one see and explore in Amsterdam for 48 hours? I’d be happy to tell you. Tapas, stroopwafels, cafes, canals (165 of them), old churches, old women (well, not necessarily the women itself) among many, many other things.


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw If the above statement is true, I wonder how the English fare in their romances since their traditional food is something to consider. We have all heard the trials and tribulations of English cuisine: pub food,


“If you are careful with people, they will offer a part of themselves. That is the big secret.” – Eve Arnold, photographer People will always be the most complex and challenging subject to master – in life and in photography. The human condition is beautiful –  I am grateful to


There is much to say about a culture and its community when it comes to its local cuisine. What place is the busiest on a weekday evening? Where are the secrets being shared? I’ve discovered many worthwhile eats while taking a lovely stroll on a rainy day in New York


La Mercerie | SoHo | New York, NY Walking along Canal on an early morning, misty day in New York, I stopped by the cafe La Mercerie. La Mercerie is partnered with Roman and Williams Guild, an artisanal guild that showcases interesting and unique home goods from local artists and


“Life itself is the proper binge.” – Julia Child When I travel, searching the local fare where folks go for a warm meal, brunch with friends, cocktails in the mid afternoon or just a place that has the best of the best is always on my to-do list. Here are


Day at the Market – BxW photography series of Brussels Brussels | Belgium Brussels is easily accessible via train from Paris. Since I visited Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam in late December, the holiday markets and festivities were alight. The Grand Place had its square filled with Christmas trees while holiday


Sun and Fun – BxW photography series of Seattle Seattle | WA When the sun makes an appearance in Seattle, the day becomes magical. Usually, between the tourists and the locals, Pike Place Market downtown has everything Seattle to offer: food, sights, crafts and views of the Puget Sound. Make sure

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