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ICELAND “Leggja Höfuðið í Bleyti” The above quote is an Icelandic saying, “Lay your head in water” which means to think deeply or to ponder on a decision. Well, if there’s any place you can have deep thoughts, it would be in any place you choose in Iceland. Seven days


THE FAROE ISLANDS | NORTH ATLANTIC SEA “Men áirnar og havid” “But the rivers and the sea…” In 2013, I saw a photograph of a cliff on an ocean with a waterfall descending mysteriously out of a cave from the side as well as a lake calmly mid level on


“My favorite thing to do is to go where I’ve never been. Nothing is ever the same as they say it was.” -Diane Arbus All I need is a travel destination and my camera to feel an adventure is about to begin – well, may be a little bit more


VANCOUVER & VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA | CANADA While exploring the Pacific Northwest, I headed up to Canada twice. Vancouver B.C. was a destination for a photography shoot. The second trip was to meet some friends from New York staying in Victoria, Vancouver Island before leaving for an Alaskan cruise. Access


EAST Living on the east coast during one of the most beautiful seasons, autumn, is a true delight and magnificent experience. After crossing the country 3,600 miles east from Washington, I took a break at home in New York City for a month before departing on a road trip throughout


WEST There is something about the wildness of the Pacific Northwest. Whether it is the mountains to the north, south, east and west, or the untamed waters of the Pacific Ocean, when one enters the landscape of it all, it is nothing short of majestic.  Unlike my road trip adventure

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