In 2017, I spent a lot of time in small planes, crossing beautiful skies and taking wide angle landscapes. When I wasn’t in a small plane, I was on the ground, at home in New York finding solace in the daily grind of the city. A snowstorm hit New York in the middle of March – which I hadn’t experienced in more than 10 years. It gave a reason to buy new snow boots.

IMG_6944IMG_6954IMG_6923IMG_6890DSC09076IMG_7659DSC01189IMG_8402DSC09951IMG_7494IMG_7340IMG_7234DSC09729DSC09241IMG_8553Version 2


Staten Island Ferry Terminal, Manhattan
Financial District skyline, Manhattan (view from Staten Island ferry)
Central Park
Tipsy Parson, Chelsea
Statue of Liberty
Flat Iron Building
San Juan Islands, Washington
Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington
Eastern Washington
Mount Rainier, Washington
Haystack, Cannon Beach, Oregon
Gillian Anderson, New York, NY
AD, Seattle, Washington
Vanessa Calderon, New York, NY


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Copyright 2019 Erica Hilario

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