There is much to say about a culture and its community when it comes to its local cuisine. What place is the busiest on a weekday evening? Where are the secrets being shared? I’ve discovered many worthwhile eats while taking a lovely stroll on a rainy day in New York to an incredible must have traditional soup at the Reykjavik domestic airport – here are some places that I’ve enjoyed! For the full experience, please choose the link!

La Mercerie | New York, New York


Darjeeling Express | London, United Kingdom


London | United Kingdom


Vestmanna Tourist Centre | Streymoy, The Faroe Islands


De Bakkerswinkel | Amsterdam, Netherlands


Le Soleil d’Or | Paris, France


Peck 22 | Brussels, Belgium


Fridheimar | Selfoss, Iceland


Jack’s Wife Freda | New York, New York


Tessa | New York, New York


Rue La Rue | New York, New York

Luce | Portland, Oregon

Reza’s | Chicago, Illinois


Blue Hill at Stone Barns | Pocantico Hills, New York


Augustine @ The Beekman | New York, New York


Tipsy Parson | New York, New York


Mee Noodle House | New York, New York


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3 Replies to “AT THE TABLE”

  1. […] AT THE TABLE features culturally significant cuisine that I have experienced and/or researched during my travels. From Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns to Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar, and local New York eats such as Jack’s Wife Freda that just remind me of home, I have been fortunate to have had opportunities to visually capture and taste the menu these restaurants offer (Blue Hill does not allow guests to photograph their food as it ruins fine dining aesthetics). The possibility to dine at Darjeeling Express in London held a higher level of excitement. […]


  2. […] In February 2019, I was in London for five days and on the fifth day, discovered where to find edible, delicious cuisine: Brick Lane Sunday Market. A food hall boasted of over ten savory stalls featuring everything from Vegan Ethiopian food to Italian pastas. This isn’t including the sweet stalls that featured small fruit pies to French crepes. Once you’ve finished devouring all the meals you’ve purchased (most foods are under £6), head over to the artisan and craft stalls. Interested in just reading about Brick Lane? Check out this post –> The only food that matters on a Sunday. […]


  3. […] Interested in New York Cuisine? Take a look here –> I’m Trying To Eat Here! […]


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